Pictures from our event in Občina Slovenske Konjice

Pictures from our event in Občina Slovenske Konjice.
At the event, we received many positive expressions on Active NS from the many farmers who were at the event. There was a greater attendance at the event, even more than expected. The mayor participated, as the initiative is a cooperation with the municipality. They pay 50% of Active NS’s price for the farmers.

At the event, Animalis made a good presentation of Active NS and handed out materials. Then there was a tour of the farm. They have used another slurry product for a number of years, but have now switched to Active NS, which they have used for a period of time. Here the farmer has seen a significantly better effect in a short while and the smell has been greatly reduced when it is spread. Therefore, he is very pleased with Active NS.

We look forward to the initiative taking of, so we can help the many farmers in the area.

For more information about the initiative in Slovenia contact Animalis:
T.: + 386 1 242 55 30
F.: + 386 1 292 65 31
M.: +386 31 659 804

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