Municipality grant co-financing of 50% of the Active NS price for the farmers

In Slovenia we are working with the municipality Občina Slovenske Konjice. They have started an initiative with Active NS to reduce odors and ammonia emission during the summer period for the benefit of tourists, citizens and the environment. It has been proven that Active NS reduces odor by 37% and ammonia emission by 45%.

The municipality has granted co-financing of 50% of the Active NS price for the farmers.
In connection with the initiative, an event will be held on 27 of June. Here the farmers can come and get more information about the initiative and be introduced to Active NS. At the event, we are working together with our distributor Animalis.

We have distributors in many countries and can make similar arrangements for your customers.

For more information contact us at or phone +45 7218 3088.
See the report from FORCE Technology here:…/…/2018/06/FORCE-Technology-rapport.pdf

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