What is Active NS?

Active NS is a 100% pure, natural product used in slurry tanks and biogas plants to produce more homogenous slurry as well as better, easier mixing of the sediment and floating crust.

Active NS slackens the slurry and binds some of the ammonia to it. This makes it easier to mix the sediment and floating crust into a homogenous mass that can remain liquid for up to 24 hours after agitation. Agitation every 24 hours is desirable to ensure the full effect is achieved.

How it works

Active NS is a 100% natural product primarily composed of three different types of pre-processed clay minerals. This unique blend gives the product an exceptionally high ion-exchange effect.

The porous substances in the powder are structured as an open lattice of tetrahedrons with inner cavities capable of absorbing and releasing ions, essentially operating as a molecular sieve.

The Active NS powder has an open-spaced crystalline structure as a result of the three-dimensional lattice structure. The lattice structure encloses cavities and channels that allow different ions to move in and out of the structure when it is exposed to changes.

This unique powder has the special property of absorbing slurry and water into its structure and slowly releasing it again. This process allows Active NS to operate as a buffer for both slurry and water, reducing the amount of fertilizer flushed into the groundwater. This also enables Active NS to work as a fertilizer booster.

The high ion-exchange effect of Active NS also restricts airborne pollution, with vapours containing ammonia constituting a major nuisance in this regard.

The Active NS powder works according to the principle of exchanging negatively and positively charged ions. This binds the ammonia to the slurry, massively reducing the amount of ammonia vapour. The powder also has a positive effect on the slurry during agitation, producing a more homogenous mass.

Active NS not only benefits the environment, it also offers financial benefits by improving the fertiliser value of the slurry.


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