Optimal slurry handling and more nitrogen

Active NS has the approval of farmers, as it optimises their slurry handling, reduces odour and gives them more nitrogen

Thoroughly tested in Denmark and other EU Member States

Active NS is the most thoroughly tested slurry product in the marketplace. In addition to the Danish tests, numerous other tests have also been conducted in Europe, independently showing identical results.

The analyses show
that adding Active NS
to slurry boosts the
protein content in
cereals by 10-15%.

Active NS works every time ...

- according to Martin Holm of Spanggaards Maskinstation, who has more experience than most in the agricultural contracting sector. He adds: Everywhere we go, if they’ve added Active NS, we’re able to agitate the tank without problems and completely empty it. Our neighbours and tourists also comment on the absence of the odour when we’re spreading slurry on the fields.