About FCSI

Idea to reality

It was more than 25 years ago that Karl Erik Molbech, owner of FCSI, was inspired to find a solution to slurry problems in agriculture. Today has has developed the third generation of the Active NS slurry additive, which is sold around the world.

In addition to offering a particularly effective slurry additive, FSCI has also maintained a core principle of making the product an affordable solution for agricultural producers.

An effective slurry management concept

Working on the basis of the company's many years of experience, FCSI has launched the Active Slurry Management Concept, which was developed for the purpose of allowing farmers to achieve optimal slurry management at the lowest possible price, while also fulfilling the environmental regulations set by the authorities.

Core values

We continuously strive to make sure our core values are reflected in everything we do- by showing respect for people, the environment, and economic factors -so that everybody wins.

Product guarantee

When Active NS is used correctly according to instructions, FSCI guarantees that the product will deliver documented effect in accordance with FORCE Technology's Accredited report no. 114-28344

Customer at the centre

We offer an effective slurry management concept that reflects a consideration for both animal welfare and production results. This is what makes FCSI a reliable, competent and dedicated business partner with the same goals as our customers: To bring value growth to farming, where service and quality are fundamental principles.

Active NS - a small part of your business - a big part of your results.