User instruction for Active NS in agriculture

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Start by adding Active NS to the slurry tank

Add 20 g of Active NS per m3 of slurry already in the tank/lagoon and the slurry that is in the housing units.
Always vigorously agitate slurry that has had Active NS add-ed to it before starting to offload the slurry. Failure to take this step will result in less than the maximum expected ef-fect.
It is advisable to position the slurry agitator at 5 different places in the tank during agitation so that all the sediment is thoroughly mixed into the floating mass.


Continue adding Active NS in the housing unit

With the channels and containers empty of slurry, add 20g Active NS per m3 of the amount of slurry expected at the next discharge. Active NS now works until the next emp-tying.
If Active NS is always used in the channels and containers, there is no need to add any extra product to the slurry tank. Active NS can be mixed with water and poured over the slats each time the channels are emptied of slurry.
When the pigs are out of the housing unit, Active NS can be dosed directly into the slats and rinsed down during clean-ing.


See instructions for cattle in PDF here

Active NS – when only the best is good enough!